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Double Dealer – Deride at the Top[2001]

setembro 12, 2009

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Genre: Melodic Power Metal/Neoclassical
Origin: Japan
Realease: June 18th, 2001
Size: 154 MB CD Rip 320 Kbps

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1.My Straight Shout Squeezed My Soul 05:11
2.Draw the Curtain 05:31
3.Deride at the Top 04:01
4.If Fate Includes All the Love 06:58
5.Petal in the Palace 05:38
6.Cosmos Filled 06:24
7.Love Is Not an Indulgence 04:36
8.Already Feel Sick 04:54
9.The Pain 05:42
10.Moon Beyond the Glass 04:58
11.Lay My Hand on My Heart 08:40
12.Time to Die (2001 version) 05:11

Total playing time 01:07:44

Takenori Shimoyama (Vocals)
Norifumi Shima (Guitars)
Koshaku Mitani (Bass)
Toshiyuki Koike (Keyboards)
Yoshio Isoda (Drums)

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