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Athlos – In the Shroud of Legendry – Hellenic Myths of Gods and Heroes[2010]

julho 9, 2010

Country: Greece (Athens, Attica)
Genre: Epic | Heavy | Folk Metal
Bitrate: Mp3 CBR 160 KB/s
Size: 55 MB

1. In the Vineyards of Dionysus 01:31
2. The Wrath of the Hekatonkheives 05:37
3. Aegean Blue (Poseidon’s Realm) 04:14
4. The Dance of Kouretes 03:23
5. Enslaved (A Slave’s Odyssey) 08:15
6. Hellas Eternal 03:41
7. Ulysses Before the Gates of Hades (Necromantia) 03:30
8. Taurokatharpsia (Horns of Power) 02:27
9. Areth kai Pomh 03:30
10. Talos Unleashed 04:15
11. The First Faun (Song of the Elder) 02:02
12. The Son of Amon Ra (Intro) 02:14
13. The Son of Amon Ra 04:02
Total playing time 48:41

Current line-up:
Polydeykis – Composing, Guitar, Accordion, Flute, Whistles, Keyboards, Grand Piano, Additional Male Vocals, Additional Narrations (Zion (Grc), Sacred Blood (Grc), Morpheus (Grc), Metally Insane, Folkearth)

Marios Koutsoukos – Lyricist, Narrations, Additional Male Vocals (Dol Amroth, Folkearth)
Stefanos Koutsoukos – Co-writer of “Aegean Blue” (Dol Amroth, Folkearth, Folkodia)
Athanasios Karapanos – Lead/Backing Male Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitar (Folkearth, Orion, Dol Amroth, Winter’s Dawn (Grc), Sacred Blood (Grc))
Hildr Valkyrie – Female Choir Vocals (Beyond the Forests, Nocternity (Grc), Worship, Ego Drama, Uruk-Hai (Aut), Folkearth, Morgan the Bard, Femegericht (Deu), Odins Court, Folkodia, Voluspaa}, Lloth, Death Army)
Christine Katsamatsa – Soprano Vocals (Folkearth)
Faarran – Medieval and Spanish Bagpipes, Reeds (Occultus (Fra), Inis Gwenva, Obtenebratum, Carnyx (Fra), The Dead Is Tired When the Morning Comes, Voice of Morrigan, Valuatir, Folkearth, Manzer)
Aled Pashley – Growls/Black Metal Vocals (Annwn (Gbr), Folkearth)
Kyveli – Female Soprano Vocals in “Song of the Elder”

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