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Jerry Lee Lewis – Mean Old Man[2010]

setembro 15, 2010

Origin: USA
Genre: Rock and Roll | Rockabily | Blues
Info: Mp3 VBR~210 KB/s
Size: 86 MB

01 Rock and Roll (with Jimmy Page)
02 Before The Night Is Over (with B.B. King)
03 Pink Cadillac (with Bruce Springsteen)
04 Evening Gown (with Mick Jagger and Ron Wood)
05 You Don’t Have To Go (with Neil Young)
06 Twilight (with Robbie Robertson)
07 Travelin Band (with John Fogerty)
08 That Kind of Fool (with Keith Richards)
09 Sweet Little Sixteen (with Ringo Starr)
10 Just A bummin Around (with Merle Haggard)
11 Honky Tonk Women (with Kid Rock)
12 Whats Made Milwaukee Famous (with Rod Stewart)
13 Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Age (with George Jones)
14 A Couple More Years (with Willie Nelson)
15 Old Glory (with Toby Keith)
16 Trouble in Mind (with Eric Clapton)
17 I Saw Her Standing There (with Little Richard)
18 Lost Highway (with Delaney Bramlett)
19 Hadacohl Boogie (with Buddy Guy)
20 The Irish Heart Beat (with Don Henley)
21 The Pilgrim Ch. 33 (with Kris Kristofferson)

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