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Tarja Turunen – My Winter Storm (Extended Edition)[2007]

outubro 2, 2010

Origin: Finland  (Kitee) Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Genre: Symphonic | Gothic Metal
Info: Mp3 CBR 320 KB/s
Size: 293 MB

01. Ite, Missa Est
02. I Walk Alone
03. Lost Northern Star
04. Seeking For The Reign
05. The Reign
06. The Escape Of The Doll
07. My Little Phoenix
08. Boy And The Ghost
09. Sing For Me
10. Oasis
11. Poison(Alice Cooper Cover)
12. Our Great Divide
13. Sunset
14. Damned And Divine
15. Die Alive
16. The Seer(Deleted Scene)
17. Minor Heaven
18. Ciaran’s Well
19. Calling Grace

01. Enough
02. The Seer(feat. Doro Pesch)
03. Lost Northern Star(Tagtgren Remix)
04. Wisdom of Wind
05. The Reign(Score Mix)
06. Die Alive(Alternative Version)
07. Boy and the Ghost(Izumix)
08. Calling Grace(Full Version)
09. Lost Northern Star(Ambience Sublow Mix)
10. Damned and Divine(live in Kuusankoski)
11. You Would Have Loved This(live in Kuusankoski)
12. Our Great Divide(live in Kuusankoski)
13. Ciaran’s Well(live in Kuusankoski)

Tarja Turunen – Vocals, Piano
Alex Scholpp – Guitars
Doug Wimbish – Bass
Earl Harvin – Drums
Torsten Stenzel – Keyboards

Guest members:
Martin Tillman – Cello
Kiko Loureiro – Acoustic Guitar on “Calling Grace”

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